Foundation partners

The foundation partners of AVRA are three of the leading academic institutions in the nation – The University of Queensland, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney.

CSIRO is also expected to play a key role in maximising the capacity of, and benefits from the alliance. The AVRA partnership will be extended into other institutions across the nation as required, to best advance individual vaccine projects to meet mission objectives.

Linkages and affiliations

Through expert governance via a majority- independent Board, AVRA will maintain flexibility, agility, openness to partnerships, and a focus on commercialisation.

AVRA is in discussion with a range of potential affiliates to leverage the existing relevant expertise and resources. This includes early stage companies, SMEs and established top and second tier pharmaceutical companies in and outside of Australia.

The pipeline created through AVRA will advance and enable linkages with a mix of industry participants as needed and build on existing collaborations. The core purpose will be to utilise key technologies from industry, spanning adjuvants to delivery technology and beyond, but also enable value creation by filling the funding gaps from discovery through to clinical validation, thereby ensuring future industry partnerships occur post proof-of-concept. This focuses on Australian research strengths and priorities, exemplified by university and government developed technologies that are now foundational to the majority of the current COVID-19 vaccine programs.