Who we are

Excellence in vaccine research

AVRA is a large team of lead scientists with vaccine expertise spanning investigative research, vaccine platforms, vaccine candidate generation, vaccine manufacturing and clinical trials.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought into stark realisation the vulnerability of our population and economy to major global human infectious disease threats. With the tragedy and suffering from over 1.2 million COVID-19 deaths to date, and estimates of US$28 trillion in lost economic output by the end of 2025, the potential scale of any future threat will be immense and devastating on many levels. Australia is needlessly exposed and must act now to minimise the impact of inevitable future pandemics that will again place the health and prosperity of our nation at risk.

The AVRA team brings together existing excellence in vaccine research with the aim of developing and deploying an ‘arsenal’ of contemporary processes, procedures, technologies and vaccine platforms, and working in partnership with industry to develop vaccines to counter pandemic viruses and antibiotic resistant superbugs.