About AVRA

Vaccine development and delivery

The mission of AVRA is to mobilise the existing expertise and build the technical proficiency and infrastructure capacity needed to address bacterial and viral pathogen threats, from discovery research through to manufacture and clinical evaluation.

A coordinated vaccine development pipeline will be the centrepiece of AVRA – structured to support nine key objectives to increase sovereign capability in vaccine development and delivery.

A whole-of-nation approach will unify the expertise, processes and infrastructure already available in Australia for vaccine development and approval, but equally importantly it will enable a new vision and new thinking between academia, government agencies and industry to develop resolute strategies to counter known and emerging infectious disease threats, and to rapidly and efficiently marshal and deploy the necessary development and production resources in the face of any infectious disease emergency.

Pathogens to be targeted for vaccine development initially include emerging and re-emerging viruses with pandemic potential (e.g. SARS- CoV2, MERS, HTLV-1, Zika, Influenza) and antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens that cause severe and life-threatening human disease (e.g. MRSA, TB, Klebsiella, E. coli, Pseudomonas, group A Streptococcus).