Creating a coordinated vaccine development capacity in Australia.

Addressing two of the greatest threats to global human health – pandemic virus emergence and antibiotic resistant superbugs.

Who is AVRA?

AVRA is a large team of lead scientists with vaccine expertise spanning investigative research, vaccine platforms, vaccine candidate generation, vaccine manufacturing and clinical trials.

Woman getting a vaccine

Our mission

A coordinated vaccine development pipeline will be the centrepiece of AVRA – structured to support nine key objectives to increase capability in vaccine development and delivery.

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Researchers in a lab


A team of professionals across a wide range of disciplines has been assembled to launch AVRA, across 3 of Australia’s leading research Universities.

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A vaccine pipeline

AVRA is a new approach to addressing the barriers to vaccine production capability in Australia, leading to a vaccine pipeline that is industry-ready.

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AVRA will advance Australian capability in vaccine discovery, development and manufacturing. This expanded expertise and infrastructure capacity will enable both a rapid pivot to pandemic threats and catalyse vaccine commercialisation.